SMS Make Life Happy and Colorful

Every person whether a child, teenager, youngster, adult, or aged, email to sms has something interesting and valuable to talk about with others. Again, there are  a large number of occasions, sweet and sour, and happy and sad, in all along the course of life of every person, when he/she deserve or long for cooperation and support (at least verbal) and also admiration of his/her family members and close friends, for bold and better survival and successful career & life.

The sms (message or messages received or transported to other people) help us invaluably and exclusively in sending  several different categories of text messages to our friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, officials, co-workers, and all other persons of personal, social, and professional contacts. To any or more of these people decent and proper sms can easily and quickly be sent on all above mentioned occasions as a means of well-wishing, greeting, congratulations, amusement, fun, entertainment, and nurturing of sweet and close relationship with them.

The best wishes sms, bewafa sms, hurt sms, shayri sms, love sms, amusing sms, joking and funny sms, and entertaining sms, are some examples of purposes, sms can be efficiently utilized for.  Here, it is noteworthy that, sms are one of the most preferable and popular resources for the transport of desired information indirectly and most conveniently. 

The best wishes sms are opted for wishing happy festivals, good educational progress, fast recovery of health after illness, professional achievements, happy birthday, prosperous new year, fortunate marriage, auspicious beginning of any business, etc. The bewafa sms bear disgust and contempt for betraying and disloyal lover or spouse, or even close friend. The hurt sms are words of wounded or hurt persons sent in reaction to the inflictor, and may include mild to harsh criticism.

However, hurt sms are also being used for inflicting teasing, irritation, or pain to other persons such as rivals or enemies, or competitors. The shayari sms are poetical in nature, devised usually for appreciation and appraisal of the beauty, delicacy, or generosity, or the thankful conduct and behavior of one’s beloved; and regarding good and bad, sweet and sour, and ups and downs of life, or the vicissitude of career and life. The love sms are weaved for great appreciation of or thanks to the loving and sweet relationship between lovers or spouses, and also for making this relationship deeper and ever-lasting.

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