Marquis Miami – A Sleek Crystal Residential Waterfront Marvel

A long time neglected area is now finding more and more adepts as new residents discover the wonders of living in a great city like top Florida architects close to all the action. At night the lights of a brand new skyline reflect on the beautiful Biscayne Bay. Those are the lights from the new shining stars of downtown Miami’s cosmopolitan living, the new Miami condos, the new way of life right in the middle of everything where residents can live, work and play. Each and every day this once abandoned area is finding more and more fans. People are finally moving to downtown Miami and embracing the 24 hour lifestyle that the area has to offer.

Great new residential luxury condominium buildings are now part of the new Miami skyline. New Miami luxury condos like 900 Biscayne, 50 Biscayne, Marina Blue, Ten Museum Park, Everglades on the Bay and of course the iconic and majestic Marquis Miami condos. This wonderful sleek high rise structure houses a boutique hotel and a luxury residential component inside like no other. Amazing and diverse floor plans from flats to two level lofts form this impressive 67 stories high residential building.

The views are just as amazing as the structure itself.  An unprecedented 360 aerial like view can be appreciated from the impressive top penthouse level. Marquis Miami is not the typical building with lines and rows of the same floor plan but an incredible mixture of very diverse Miami condos that are designed to impress.

These new architectural designs like the Marquis Miami are now part of this warm and beautiful tropical metropolis that is turning each and every day more cosmopolitan than ever before.

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