Find out About the Ad Pods Bluetooth Marketing System

The folks at the Ad Pods Bluetooth Marketing System have it setup so you can promote your enterprise locally. The employees for Bluetooth have been there and done IGET Hot Flavours. But more importantly, they’ve been on the forefront of the Network Marketing Industry for quite some time. They know how “sharky” the waters can get. Advert Marketing can be overwhelming for a lot of Network Marketers. They are more than just flyers. The pods will send pictures, videos, animation, music and virtual business cards, which stores your contact information right into the recipients phone. That is powerful!

If you use the software and pod together it’s much easier to control. As an example, you can program to send adverts on a schedule. If you have a promotion you wish to send out at ten in the morning and another one sent out at three o’clock in the afternoon, this can be programmed into the unit.

The pod can also run a blocking list. If you are using the pod at a specific location in town, and do not want to be hitting the location you are in over and over again. This program doesn’t permit error. It doesn’t broadcast a duplicate message unless you ask it to. The blocking list will also not send a message to someone who has declined to receive your message.

Although Ad Pods works by itself, it can also become mobile with an additional battery pack. Try sending off thousands of advertisements while off skiing or fishing. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you can be marketing your services and products using this product. Using Ad Pods puts you in a very unique position when prospects are phoning you to find out more about your offer. Usually, you have to be cold calling them.

Because this method of Bluetooth advertising is Opt-in advertising, it is permission based. The prospects getting our advertisements aren’t being abused via email. This company’s vision is to be that company that sets the standards for the future legislation that will enforce and regulate this type of technology. At the present, a vast majority of the marketplace is not yet aware of the full scope of this new technology, or where it will go.

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