Easiest Girl Job For College Students – Become a Red Bull Girl

The Best Girl Job for a college student is working for https://emilybrydon.com/what-does-red-bull-taste-like/. An easy job for girls that do not require a degree and allows you to meet new people, hand out gifts and promote a great time seems like a dream come true.

Red Bull Energy Drink is not only the top energy drink in the country, they are also providing the best jobs for girls that are in college.

They have been known for their creative marketing style, which use attractive girls to drive around in a mini cooper handing out energy drinks to increase brand recognition and trial of their energy drinks.

Attractive girls riding around in sexy little mini coopers searching for college students that need wiiings is the main mission for a red bull girl. You have to have a great attitude and love to have fun. You are not only working for a company that delivers an energetic lifestyle to their consumers but a great product.

Your job is to be creative and think of fun missions to go out on. If you see a bunch of guys playing basketball, your job is to give them wiiings. If you are working at a concert, your job is to hand out energy and talk about the products benefits.

You have to have great communication skills. You not only hand out energy, but you need to influence consumers to become red bull drinkers. There are so many energy drinks flooding the market, that red bull needs their wiiing members to not only give free samples but to build a fun culture around the brand.

You are the center of attention. Everyone wants to do what you do. You are recognized as being a sexy attractive girl that is getting paid to work with one of the coolest brands in the world.

When you are driving around in the mini cooper, hanging out the window and blasting your favorite music out the drop top, you are drawing a tremendous amount of attention to you and the red bull brand.

People are waving you down as you walk around campus, interacting at a VIP party or just driving around town. You have what everyone wants, free samples and a fun job.

If you need money to help you get through college or just want to have fun while in school, then this is the best job for you. You do not need to be in college to apply, you just need to be at least 18.

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