Cash-4 Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

With almost everyone placing their bets on cash-4 lottery numbers,Cash-4 Lottery Frequently Asked Questions Articles it is no wonder why all sorts of questions bombard store clerks on a daily basis. Lottery like any other pastime, is one thing that has kept the Georgia state bustling with excitement. There’s the daily get together meeting among friends whose bonding moments consist mainly of studying lottery patterns for possible winning lottery numbers. There are the online forums to log on and keep abreast with the latest discussion of leading lottery numbers. Indeed the lottery game has been quite an influence on many people’s lives to the point of actually seeing a pattern or a connections in everything encountered.

A lot of people can’t be blamed for this almost type of addiction. Their great grandparents have placed their bets even before their grandparents did. Lottery games go back to as early as ancient times when it was still a subtle form of indirect tax to get people motivated in raising funds for government buildings or in donating to charitable institutions. The game has certainly come a long way in being able to build camaraderie among friends and for those whom they have not yet met. It has managed to stir the imaginative side of people so that it has influenced them into thinking everything happens for a reason.

Inasmuch as it had influenced the lives of people cash-4 lottery ha also influenced their thinking skills which is what brings most store clerks to partly do customer service. By being patient in answering all of the questions, all lottery questions could think of, they are able to clear some of the troubling doubts that plague the minds of these players. Here are a lsit of some of those general questions.

How does a winning player claim his prize?

To claim a prize, a winner has 180 days from the date of announcement to claim the jackpot prize. Prizes worth $600 or less are given 90 days from draw date to be claimed by the winners.
Upon claiming an amount beyond $600 , a winner must be able to present the valid ticket, proof of residence, social security card, and a claim form which he can get from any available lottery retailers.
For prizes that are $600 or less, a winner can instantly claim it by presenting a filled out claim form and his valid ticket with his signature at the back of the ticket.

What is the difference between a cash option from an annuity option?

Cash option is a lottery payment done at one time. This means that the full amount of the prize money is given right away to the winning player. While an annuity option is the option where the prize money is invested in buying U.S. Government Treasury Securities. This type of investment earns interest which matures yearly. The interest at the end of every year is then given to the winner for a period of either 26 or 30 years.

Can a player choose one over another?

The player will have the option to either collect cash option or collect by way of the annuity option. If a player could not make up his mind at the time of placing his cash-4 lottery bet, this option would default to cash option. He can later change this to the annuity option should he think it would make a much more wise decision.

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